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30' Deer Food Plot Fence System
30' Hog Trap System
Exotic Head Gates
Big Horn Metal Feeders

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Deer Food Plot System

30″ Deer Food Plot Fence

comes with 12 panels

Unit #109A


Deer Fence Video

Installation Video

( Actual Time to Install )

Keep the Hog’s OUT !

30′ Deer Food Plot System with 2 Fawn Gates

This one is larger than a normal 30′ unit

we just added 4 more panels

This is what 1 Deer Food Plot System

looks like loaded in a pick-up with a

large toolbox

This is the way we fill our feeders

30′ Deer Food Plot Fence with 2 fawn gates/ unit left open to allow deer to get use to it


Left open to allow deer to get use to the system


30′ Deer Food Plot System

All 30′ Deer Food Plot Systems come with 12 Panels

and all pins to fasten the unit together.

Nice accessories for the Deer Food Plot System

Flat Camera Mount

Flat Camera Mount (camera, bear box and locks not included)

Fawn Gate

Fawns are your next years dear crop, they need to get to the food also. Fawn Gates will not stop small hogs from getting to the food sorce.


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