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Wireless Traps Trigger device

Watch this short video of the hogs trapped in December 2011

Photo’s from the trap camera

Unit # 142

Wireless Traps Trigger Device System

Must Have AT&T cell coverage service at the trap

location for this device to operate, if

you have a weak signal we can install antenna boosters.

With this system the sensor will send you a photo in real time and if

you want to trap what is in the photo you can trigger

 the unit from your cell phone in real time.

You can also take a photo by using your cell phone with this system.

 We are an authorized dealer for Wireless Traps

You May also want a large trap gate. 6′

The deer can come in with out a false trigger


Nice Accessories

Unit #142 A

625 CCA External  Extended Life Battery  and Container box


Unit # 142 B

External Battery Adaptor Kit


Unit # 142 C

External Attenna Boosters


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Delivery cost:  is $175 per 100 miles from Forestburg Texas