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Installation Instructions

For Instruction on how to build the trap please watch the video.

You can also get a printable version of the instruction below the viedo.

Printable Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

To find the best spot to place your hog trap we recommend to set up a camera at your feeder and when you start getting pictures of hogs then build “The System” around that feeder, you will be able to see the trail in which the hogs are coming down and place the hog trap gate on that trail, they already know where the food is located.
Sometimes you may have a hog wallow close by, look for the signs.

When trapping check your trap every morning at sun up!

1 – Starting with the Hog Trap Gate, looking at the gate start installing the panels to the left.

2 – Install the 1st panel, install panel with the wire mesh to the inside of the unit, this is the strongest because the welds will be on the inside of the trap.

3 – Install the 2nd panel

4 – Install the walk thru door if purchased, make sure you swing door into the trap.

5 – Install the 3rd panel

6 – Install 4 th panel

7 – Install 5 th panel

8 – Install 6 th panel

This makes appx. a 17′ circle for the deer food plot fence

9 – Install the extension tie pins

10 – Close up of the pins

11 – Install the extension panel above the hog trap gate

12 – Install the 7 th panel, you must flip the panel over so the small openings are at the top, so the hogs can’t climb over.

13 – Install the next panel

14 – Install the long pins at the walk thru gate

15 – Install the next panel

Make sure all pins are installed

16 – Install the next panel

17 – Install the 11 th panel

18 – Install the last panel

19 – Install the long pins at the trap door gate

19 A – Install the corner straps

Top right to Lower left

20 – Make sure the walk thru gate swings into the hog trap

21 – Relocation of the pins (all panels are shipped out as deer food plot panels with the pins at the top of the panel) with the hog trap you must move 1 pin to the top so to fasten the top of the panel together.

22 – After you get all the pins installed use self drilling screws and install them in the holes to tie the top section to the bottom section.
This makes the trap stronger.

23 – Finished installation spot is at the trap door gate


Setting the Trigger
We recommend you to use a nylon string such as the type concrete men use, which you can find at any hardware store. You dont want to use to heavy of a string for this may allow the hogs to go under the string or cause a false trigger of the trap door.

1 – Tie new string to the trigger rod

2 – Then run the string through the mesh at about 8″ to 10″ above the ground, this will be about chest high to a hog. The first place to run the string thru the mesh is about 5′ to 6′ from the right side of the trap door.

3 – Then run the string across the back of the trap leaving about 6′ behind the string, then tie off the string to the far of the trap.

If you have a 30′ trap you may need to tie to 1 leg of your feeder as shown above, so hogs cant raise string.

New Item
String rod to hold string in the center of trap

4 – Using the method of hair trigger, put your left leg against the string and push it tight, bring your right foot to the left foot until they touch, then move your left foot to the left, the string should trigger the rod at about 1′ to 1’6″ from your right foot.

Watch our video for futher instructions.

Semi hair trigger

Hair trigger
Normally the loop that holds the string will be in this postition towards the way the string is going, but to make it a hair trigger turn the loop up,  the futher up you turn it the more of a hair trigger it will become.

Normal set gate

Make sure you check the trightness of the string every day because it will get loose and you will need to tighten it.

Baiting Instructions

When we trap we put the corn (just plain old corn) outside of the gate very lite, this gets them started.

Then we continue inside the trap very lite, then behind the string we bait heavy, they will eat until they have finished all the corn.

We use plain corn because we want the deer to continue to use the trap as a feeder as well as the hogs do. The hogs know where the corn is , as we have said before, we build the trap after we start getting pictures of the hogs.

We built the hog trap back around this feeder on Sunday 11-28-10, notice the Deer Food Plot Fence already installed but we left it open so the big hogs would be able to get into the corn area.

After you are finished trapping
When you are not trapping you can tie the trap door gate in the stright up position and allow the animals to come and go as they please, yes the deer will come and go through the door as well. When you start getting hog pictures again set the trap door and catch the hogs at your convenence.

When you are finished trapping remove the top section and build 1 – 30′ deer food plot fence to keep the hogs away from your food.
When you build the deer food plot system put the wire mesh on the outside so the welds will be on the outside.

Deer Extractor System Installation Instructions
1 – Installing on an existing unit you must remove the trap door extension panel and the panel to the right side of the trap door looking at the trap from the outside.
2 – Install the side panel
3 – Install the 11″ pins provided
4 – Attach the panel to the trap door using the quick link provided
5 – Reinstall the trap door extension panel and the panel on the right side of the trap door.
6 – Drill a 1/4″ hole at the top right side of extension panel all the way thru both side of 1 1/4 sq tubing come down from the top about 3/4″ for hole.
7 – Install top bar unit
8 – Install screws for the top bar unit on both sides of the panel
9 – Install the weight with the quick link provided and secure it with the pull pin provided.
10 – Install the quick link to trap door
Completed Unit
11 – Test unit by pulling the trip wire from about 10′ away with trap door in the down position as shown here.

12 – We try to run the release wire to about 200′ from the trap door to an area where the release wire will be behind some trees or bushes so the deer will not see you and exit the trap. You will need to position the trap door so you can pull the trip wire in a stright direction to be able to pull the pin. Place the pull wire where the animals will not false pull the pull pin and release the weight.

When trapping be sure to check your trap every morning first thing at sun up! If you have hogs in the trap tie the trap door shut with tie wire, also if you are using the Deer extractor system take the cable that is attached to the pin and wrap it around the unit where the pin goes through the holder to keep the pin from being pulled.

Keep the hogs away and the deer will be happy.
New Item fawn gate.
They got use to the gate with in 2 days after installtion of the gate.

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