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Want to Catch some Hogs???

Click the image above to read Wild Hogs By Luke Clayton
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New 30′ Hog Trap
T.A.C. Trap
(Total Animal Control )

Hogs, Goats, Coyotes, Bobcats   and possibly Raccoons

With the C.I.A. Inserts
(Catch It All )
Watch 44 Hogs caught in 1 trap in 1 night

 The Big Boar Socks finally caught video

Hog Trap Prices

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30′ Deer Food Plot Actual Install Time

Deer Fence Video

Do you want to Keep the HOG’s OUT

Hogdini The Jumper

Hogs Name Big Ugly

405 Pounds

Neal Said,

“We purchased the Hog Trap System less than a month ago, and with in one week we had hogs feeding in the pen. By the following week, we set the trap trigger for the first time and catured 13 hogs. With in another week, we had another large boar in the trap. If you have a problem with hogs, we would strongly recommend this system. Due to its technology, it allows you to trap hogs from the comfort of your home, as well as whenever you want, day or night.”

“Great System!”

Watch the video for the Wireless Traps trigger system.

You use your cell phone to release the trap door,

also it sends you a picture of what is in the trap to your email.

Do you have a hog problem at your ranch or deer lease, we have the solution. “The System” Hog Trap, it comes in many sizes a 17′ diameter and a 30′ diameter trap. When you are finished trapping the hogs you can take the top section of the trap off and use it for another site to keep the hogs away from the feeders. This system can be used for both a trap and a deer food plot fencing, that way you dont waste your money on just a hog trap. We have also developed some accessories to expand the usefullness of the panels.


Ask For The Works!!

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Delivery cost: $175 per 100 miles from Forestburg Texas

If you have any questions or a request for us to build please call 940-391-3669.
We are located in Forestburg Texas

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